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Payment information

We currently accept the following methods of payment: Western Union (and similar payment providers), MG, Bitcoin, and Bank Transfer.

Credit Card

As of a few years to this moment we do not offer the option to pay by credit card anymore. Credit/Debit card payments can easily be traced and are not safe both for the customer and the seller when it comes to controlled substances. On top of that pharmaceutical content is forbidden by most banks' proessing policies - this means violating their terms and risking the option to lose our profit.

Bitcoin (BTC)

Bitcoin is the most anonymous and most preferred option for buying steroids online. To pay by bitcoin you can create a payment wallet on one of the following sites: paxful, coingate, coinbase, blockchain Once creating a bitcoin wallet you will be able to fund it using different payment methods. For additional information you can check the following website: buy bitcoin worldwide on AuthenticPharm If you want a detailed instructions on how to fund bitcoin you can check on our partner's website:
how to buy steroids online using bitcoin
how to buy steroids online using credit card

Western Únion / MoneyGrám

  • Is a global leader in money transfer services.
  • Is an industry leader with approximately $4 billion in revenue.
  • Helps consumers and businesses send money and bill payments quickly and reliably.
  • Provides consumers with financial choices, convenience and control.
  • Offers services through Agent locations around the world.

Bank to bank transfer

Bank to bank transfer is another payment option we support.

All necessary wire information is included with your order confirmation, which is sent to you immediately after placing your order. For detailed information on how to make a WU/MG transfer or to find your nearest Money transfer agency visit their websites.

To send us your payment notification, according to our payment instructions (once payment is made), follow the link in your order confirmation.

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