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Hilma Biocare

Price: $39.00

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Hilma Biocare

Alternative names : GHRP-2, GHRP2, Growth-Hormone-Releasing-Peptide-2

Packaging : 10mg
Dosage: 100-300mcg per day, combined with GHRH


GHRP-2 (Growth Hormone Releasing Peptide 2) is a growth hormone secretagogue of the hexapeptide class. Sharing many similarities with GHRP-6, GHRP-2 is the first in this class of hormones, and in many circles, is considered the better choice between it and GHRP-6. It is not a hormone that is often used alone but is almost always used with a Growth Hormone Releasing Hormone (GHRH) such as PEG-MGF. The compound may also be commonly found under the names Pralmorelin or GHRP Kaken 100. However, in most pharmaceutical and performance based circles, it has in recent years been most commonly referred to as GHRP-2.

GHRP-2 Functions and Traits

GHRP-2 first acts as a Growth Hormone (GH) increasing agent. Comprised of six amino acids, the peptide functions by stimulating natural GH production along with the production and release of ghrelin. The release of ghrelin is important as it also aids in boosting GH release in the body. With GHRP-2, this is accomplished by the peptide suppressing somatostatin, a hormone that limits the release of GH in the body.

As ghrelin is released, the body becomes hungry. GHRP-6 is well known for causing extreme increases in appetite, which may or may not be a problem depending on individual need or goals. GHRP-2 will release the same ghrelin in the body, but should not do so in a way that promotes such a significant increase in hunger. Some increase in appetite is unavoidable, but GHRP-2 does tend to have a far less impact on appetite than GHRP-6. In short, GHRP-2 aids in the promotion of natural GH production in the body, which carries with it numerous performance as well as health benefits for the user.

Effects of GHRP-2

The effects of GHRP-2 can be beneficial to the off-season athlete as it will help with growth. However, when used alone it is going to be a week choice. Off-season athletes will find growth enhanced when used with other performance-based items, and they will find such items are more effective with the presence of elevated levels of GH in the body. Equally important, the individual should be able to maintain a lower level of body fat that often increases during off-season periods of growth due to the necessary caloric surplus needed for muscular growth.

During a cutting phase is when the effects of GHRP-2 may be most beneficial due to increased levels of GH aiding tremendously with fat loss. Individuals with elevated levels of GH in the body provided naturally or otherwise will experience greater levels of fat loss. Due to the increased levels of hunger associated with use, although less than with GHRP-6, some users may find this bothersome. However, hunger is always part of dieting regardless of compounds used.

GHRP-6 is also useful to any athlete or individual on the basis of what elevated levels of GH mean to the human body. Elevated levels of GH carry with it numerous health and physical benefits and may be the primary tool in anti-aging plans. Those who possess higher levels of GH will find the following:

  • More Powerful Metabolism
  • Increased Recovery (post training or any physical activity)
  • Improved Sleep
  • Stronger Immune System
  • Healthier Skin
  • Stronger Bones & Joints
  • Increased IGF-1 (aides in recovery and affects nearly all cells of the human body)

Side effects :

Side Effects of GHRP-2

The side effects of GHRP-2 should not be severe if occurring at all for most individuals if the hormone is used responsibly. However, side effects of GHRP-2 are possible, although much milder than compared to many hormones.

  • Estrogenic: Estrogenic side effects of GHRP-2 should not exist as the peptide does not cause any aromatization. However, gynecomastia in sensitive individuals, particularly those with preexisting gynecomastia is possible. High doses of GHRP-2 may increase prolactin significantly in sensitive men leading to prolactin based gynecomastia.
  • Androgenic: There are no associated androgenic side effects of GHRP-2. Hair loss and acne are not possible. Virilization symptoms in women are not possible with this peptide.
  • Cardiovascular: There are no negative cardiovascular side effects associated with GHRP-2. Many users may find their cardiovascular health improves with elevated levels of GH.
  • Testosterone: GHRP-2 will not suppress natural testosterone production.
  • Hepatotoxicity: GHRP-2 is not toxic to the liver and will produce no liver damage.

For those who use GHRP-2, the most common side effect will be an irritated injection site. This will normally remedy itself by finding new areas of the body to administer the peptide. Some users may also experience swollen ankles or wrist as well as carpel tunnel like symptoms when use first begins. Lowering the dose and easing into higher doses if necessary can normally remedy such issues. Some users may also find issues with blood sugar control and may need to adjust their diets accordingly. Such blood sugar issues may produce mild to severe headaches. Elevated levels of cortisol are also possible but are normally only associated with very high doses, such doses should be avoided.

GHRP-2 Administration

GHRP-2 will come in dry powder (Lyophilized) form and will be reconstituted with bacteriostatic water. It may be found as an individual item or as part of an overall GHRH mixture. Some pharmacies provide GHRH compounds with added GHRP-2 or GHRP-6. The compound may be injected subcutaneously or intramuscularly depending on individual preference. Once reconstituted, GHRP-2 must be kept refrigerated.

GHRP-2 can be used indefinitely and will normally be used continuously in anti-aging plans that call for it with a GHRH. Dosing can range dramatically depending on need with 100-300mcg per day being commonplace. If used with a GHRH, which is recommended, the dose may often be towards the lower end of the scale. For optimal results, the user will find two injections per day on an empty stomach to be best. If done subcutaneously this should prove to be the easiest method as it will be the least intrusive.

Buy GHRP-2 Online

You can buy GHRP-2 online from almost any peptide resource or research chemical company. Such companies produce and sell this and related compounds thanks to a gray area in that law that allows for a legal purchase. In the U.S. such purchases are legal if made for research purposes only, but this also means purchases made for personal use are illegal. You can also buy GHRP-2 from numerous pharmacies around the U.S. but such purchases will require a prescription. Before you buy GHRP-2 online or from any outlet, it is imperative that you understand the laws of where you live as they can vary greatly from one country to the next.

GHRP-2 Reviews

GHRP-2, on the basis of ease of use and its side effect friendly nature as well as often affordable price, it is one of the more appealing items in this class of hormones. Users should not expect it to provide Human Growth Hormone (HGH) like effects even if used with a GHRH, but it is a suitable option and one that is far more affordable. ‘Human Growth Hormone like effects’ referring to effects at the same rate.

Despite “Growth” being part of the name, users should also not expect massive amounts of muscle mass to be added due to use. Many users are often disappointed in the results produced by GHRP-2 and related compounds because they don’t understand their purpose. The same can even be said of HGH. It is a solid addition to any performance-based stack, but in anti-aging circles this is where you’ll find it’s most beneficial.

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